There are around 40 million senior citizens in the United States. Out of this around 3 percent are living in an assisted living facility or nursing homes. The numbers are likely to go up quite substantially in the years and decades to come as the nation ages in terms of its demographics. By 2060 it is expected that the number of senior people in the country will double to 80 million. This will require many assisted living facilities and nursing and other old-age home facilities. There has always been a debate surrounding the pros and cons of assisted living in Huntington. While many are in support of it, others are not favorably inclined towards it. If you are from Huntington, NY and other surrounding areas and are planning to choose between assisted living and other options, then it is quite obvious that you will find this article interesting and informative. Let us therefore try and have a look at the pros and cons of assisted living when compared to other options. We are sure that the information shared below will help elderly people and their family members to make a decision that is based on information and facts.

Advantages of Assisted Living 

To begin with, any assisted living facility allows elderly people to get help as far as their daily activities are concerned. There are thousands of elderly people who need help in conducting their daily activities like bathing and also preparing their own meals. When they choose a good assisted living facility Garden City, they will be provided with all the help they need to perform their daily tasks and chores. The staff members are specially trained to help seniors with assistance as they age from one year to the next year. Hence, this is something that makes assisted living quite popular with many elderly people.

It gives the elders a chance to socialize with others. Boredom and loneliness are major problems with elderly people. This could lead to depression and anxiety for many of them. However, when they decide to go in for assisted living they will not be confined to their rooms. They will be allowed to move around and meet other people at common meeting places. These assisted living facilities have sports facilities, libraries, and entertainment rooms with television among other things. Hence, this is a big takeaway as far as assisted living homes are concerned.

Elders feel independent. This is one of the biggest advantages of assisted living homes. The elders will be able to feel at home and independent. They are not governed or bound by strict rules and regulations that are a part of nursing homes for the elderly and elderly-care-giving homes. 


However, assisted living also comes with certain disadvantages. We are sharing a few of the important downsides:

  • The average cost of assisted living facilities varies from state to state but according to statistics elderly people have to shell out a mean average of $3,500 for staying in assisted living facilities. Not many elderly people would be in a position to afford this kind of spending.
  • Loss of privacy is another area of concerned. Though elderly people are allowed to socialize and be independent, many of them believe that it could be an intrusion into their privacy.

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