Social media mention tools are important in this 21st century. As people love to browse social media they also love to buy from shopping websites mentioned there. To complete the needs of buyers businesses have expanded their work online. However, just opening a website for your shop will not give you the best popularity. To get your brand name everywhere you have to monitor the company mentions on social media. 

This task isn’t easy and you will not be able to do it manually. For this, there are tools that will help you monitor the mentions of the brand on social media platforms. Let’s explore the important tools. 


This is a very well-known tool for social media mentions, and it can track different activities on different platforms. You will get brand mentions in the places such as WordPress, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also manage the mentions by sharing the posts in various places. 


This tool offers social media brand mentions at 150 million data sources. You will get 50 filters with this tool. You will also get the mentioned monitoring in reviews, news sites, videos, forums, and blogs. You can check the brand sentiment, comments, reach, and engagement. 


You will get the best geolocation and timeline-based maps for monitor your brand online. Additionally, you will get basic tools that will help you understand the types of keywords, and mentions from the active profiles. 


When you have a business some bad reviews can tarnish your reputation. To check the types of reviews you have received on the social media platform, use Reputology. This is a better tool for social media mentions. You will get the monitoring of Google, Facebook, and Yelp. You can check the activities from different platforms and location-wise reviews. The tool also offers quick links for their clients.  

Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro has over 430 million users, but it still remains an overlooked tool. However, using this service you will get honest and in-depth monitoring. You can track thousands of sites and conversations about your brand. You will get notifications on this platform.  


This is a bit controversial tool, as there are users who do not like it, and some people like it very much. The tool has the reputation for offering the best results. If you are interested in monitoring Twitter mentions, then you will get the perfect results for it. You will get details on how the buyers feel about your brand and products. Also, check the things they require from your brand and the things that influenced them. 


Here you will get the buzz about your products, and get to know what customers are thinking about your brand. You will get notifications on keyword mentions, and you can directly get in touch with the various social listening. You will get social media report analysis and accurate results every time. To get started with the tool you have to sign up with an online account and you will avail of the free version. The premium package has advanced features. 

Check these above-mentioned brand mention tools, and you will understand the one you need for your business. 

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