The medical condition of vertigo is characterized by dizziness and loss of balance. A person affected by Vertigo may feel that he/she is losing balance. They may also feel that the world around them is spinning and moving. Other associated symptoms that may occur during vertigo (apart from dizziness and spinning) include sweating, vomiting, nausea, and difficulty in walking. Therefore, the condition of vertigo can be a debilitating condition that may not allow a person to carry out his/her day-to-day activities with ease.

Causes of Vertigo

Many different medical conditions (including serious and chronic conditions) can be a cause of vertigo. The majority of vertigo cases are caused due to issues that relate to the inner ear for the vestibular system. The human body’s vascular system is located and centered in the inner ear region of the body. It is responsible for spatial orientation and for controlling the balance of the body. Vertigo often takes the form of Proximal Positional Vertigo, which is a known inner ear problem. Another condition that may occur along with vertigo in many people is Meniere’s disease. The condition is characterized by a ringing of the ears and hearing loss. Therefore, people affected by vertigo may also have a feeling that the canal in their ears is filled with fluid or is blocked. Ear infections or Labyrinthitis is another known cause of vertigo and is characterized by inflammation within the inner ear region of the body.

Effective Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

Chiropractic treatment for vertigo can take different forms. Therefore, a leading chirop0ractor can treat the symptoms and condition of vertigo in different ways. The first and most popular method is a chiropractic adjustment. The general adjustment technique ensures that the communication between the human body and brain is optimized. It will also ensure better body balancing through coordination between lymph nodes, the ear, and the immune system. When vertigo is caused by an infection in the ear, chiropractic treatment and the general adjustment method can be quite effective for faster healing.

The other method through which a chiropractor can treat Vertigo is Epley Maneuver. It is a re-positioning method that is completed in very less time and is also very simple. You will have to visit the office of a chiropractor for vertigo for the repositioning treatment. It will ensure that the balance of the body is again centered in the inner ear region and is back to its original form and shape.

Both of these chiropractic treatments for treating vertigo are entirely noninvasive. There are no minor or major incisions made on the body for chiro treatment for vertigo. Therefore, you are not hospitalized and can get the treatment done in only a few hours for a session.


Chiropractic treatment is helpful for a variety of health conditions including vertigo, back/neck pain, and other kinds of spinal and muscular-skeletal disorders. You can reach out to a leading chiropractor in your area and know more about the treatment. The procedure does not involve any surgery and hospitalization and is quite affordable. You can overcome a variety of issues related to your health in an entirely non-invasive way through chiropractic treatment. Also, are not required to consume medication time and again.

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