Medical field is doing research on many diseases and is doing its best to help save lives of people. Nowadays, there are many surgeries and medical treatments through which you can control the spread of any deadly disease. If any patient is detected at early stage it is possible that the disease can be cured to the fullest. Thus, if any problem faced by any individual should not be ignored at any cost.

Know all about Leukemia

For those who are not aware Leukemia means cancer of white blood cells. White blood cells play a vital role in entire immune system. Due to presence of white blood cells in the body our body is protected by invasion of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It also protects our body from any foreign substances and abnormal cells.

When anyone is suffering from Leukemia the white blood cells does not function in a normal manner. Sometimes, they divide so quickly that they crowd out even the normal cells. Some people might even call it caner of blood forming tissues. The entire ability of your body to fight infection is hindered. Mostly the WBCs are produced in bone marrow. But there are few types of WBCs which are also made in spleen, lymph nodes and thymus gland.

Factors for Leukemia

The exact causes of Leukemia are not known is yet. However, several factors may play an important role in increasing the risk factor. These factors are mentioned below:

  1. Smoking
  2. Family History
  3. Prior treatment of Cancer
  4. Genetic disorder
  5. Exposure to Benzene chemical

Important symptoms of Leukemia

 These symptoms include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Excessive sweating
  3. Weakness
  4. Bone Pain
  5. Enlargement of spleen or liver
  6. Fever
  7. Red spots on skin

It has been notice that it also spreads in other body parts such as heart, lungs, kidneys, testes etc. There are several tests that are done in order to find out whether any person is suffering from it.

Doctor will suggest bone marrow transplant

 There are various treatments through which it can be treated namely Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, biological therapy and stem cell transplantation. Stem cell transplantation is also known as bone marrow transplant. In this procedure the bone marrow that is diseases is replaced with healthy bone marrow. The healthy bone marrow can either be of your own which in medical term is referred to as autologous transplantation or from any donor which is referred to as allologous transplantation. Leukemia marrow transplantation is very helpful and works in the best in the best way.

Types of Leukemia

One is acute in which the cancer cells gets multiplied quickly. While in chronic the progress is slow and gradual and the early symptoms are very mild. Basically there are four types of leukemia and these are mentioned below:

  1. AML 2. ALL 3. CML 4. CLL

Only doctor after proper examination can tell which type of leukemia you are suffering from. There are many biopsies, blood tests and imaging tests that helps in proper diagnosis of leukemia.

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