The process of tracking the callers to know how they located your business is known as phone call tracking. The teams of sales and marketing departments of a business normally use a phone call tracking software to connect phone calls of the people trying to call on your business to a particular marketing campaign. You can know the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and modify them when required by knowing what encouraged callers to make a phone call.

Importance of tracking incoming calls

Several phone calls are made and took by a business in daily routine but by knowing the caller and the reason for calling you can make things better for the business. To know what encouraged callers to call them, many businesses usually ask them how they have detected them. In case, a caller does not want to interact with you then a phone call tracking software can make things easier for you. This software will directly connect the incoming calls to the marketing campaigns with which the caller has talked before making a phone call at your number.

Benefits of tracking phone calls

  • Incoming phone calls can be connected to the right marketing campaigns
  • Customer services can be improved
  • Finding out keywords encouraging people to make a phone call
  • Measure performance of online as well as offline marketing campaigns

Working of call tracking software

A dynamic insertion of numbers and certain cookies are used by phone call tracking software to track the level of the campaign as well as online activities to assign a new number to track every offline marketing campaign. Any phone call coming from these numbers will be forwarded to your business.

To track the calls coming to the mainline of a location-based business a call tracking software can also be used on its main phone line. It will give a better picture of the effectiveness of their marketing campaign so that they can modify it accordingly.

Along with knowing the marketing campaigns generating incoming calls you can also know about the name, location, and the number of the caller by using call tracking software. It can also record the calls, timeline of the visitors as well as transcriptions of the calls.

Who should use call tracking software?

A phone call tracking software can be used by almost all industries including marketing agencies, automotive, HIPAA compliant industries, and professionals providing home services, etc. It can also be used by large as well as small businesses as both of them can improve their business by tracking their marketing and sales data. A call tracking software can also be used by businesses in multi-locations, franchises, healthcare, senior care, and dental care industry, real estate, finances as well as hospitality and travel industry.

In this way, any business that runs several campaigns to generate leads and traffic can use phone call tracking and recording software. But small businesses may not need such software if they do not have any website and their business is based only on oral marketing.